The summer season has officially arrived and here at Owlchemy, we can’t wait to enjoy the sunshine, kick back and relax as the warm weather sets in. However, while mother nature takes care of transforming the outdoors into a summer haven, it is up to us as homeowners to ensure our homes look just as enticing as our gardens! If you’re looking to add some summery touches to your home for the warm season, these six must-have home accessories are sure to lighten the mood:

Sunshine shining through a glass window on to a house plant.

House Plants

In line with recent fashions, house plants have become one of the most popular home accessories and although they can be used to make your home feel a little greener all year round, they are particularly reminiscent of the summer season. Whether you opt for some cute cacti or an exotic-looking Dracaena, any plant small or large is will create an earthy vibe and give your home a little life this summer.

A small bunch of house plants growing in ceramic pots on a bench.


Both indoor and outdoor rugs are a summer essential for your home and can be used to add bursts of colour, patterns, shapes and textures in any room. While a brightly coloured rug is sure to create a focal point, rugs with geometric patterns or woven fabrics will create depth and can be matched easily with the other accessories in the room if you want to stick to a particular colour scheme.

A red, black and white woven rug.


Cushions are one of the easiest home accessories to change throughout the year; you can even have a different bunch for every season! However, for summer, we recommend investing in some lighter coloured or patterned cushions as these will serve to lift your lounge/conservatory interior. Floor cushions are also a great addition and can help you create a casual seating area that can be used for lounging on those long summer days.

Brightly coloured cushions dotted with sequins for summer.


There’s nothing better than watching the gorgeous glow of a candle flickering in the breeze on a warm summer evening, so why not invest in some for the season? Whether it’s a selection of scented tea lights or a few larger luxury scented candles, filling your home with summer scents will help to bring those stunning aromas from outside in!

Our luxury set of three summer-scented candles lit on a summer’s evening.

Wall Hangings

Whether it’s a macramé textile or a Mandala tapestry, wall hangings are a simple accessory that can have a big impact, particularly if you have lots of empty wall space around your home. If you want to cover a large section, a material tapestry will enable you to do so and there are some exquisite patterns to choose from. Alternatively, a delicate macramé wall hanging will add texture instantly while emitting those wonderful earthy vibes – you could even try making one yourself!

A multicoloured macramé wall hanging with a large diamond knot in the centre.


An essential for freshening up your home in spring, flowers are also the perfect home accessory in summer. If you’re lucky enough to be growing a range of florae in your garden, head out and pick some different flowers of complimentary colours. Alternatively, head down to your local florist and see what floral delights they can rustle up for you to pop in a vase when you get back home!

A bunch of daisies placed in a clear glass vase.

Can you recommend any other must-have home accessories for summer? Share your ideas with us on our social media channels today! Otherwise, browse our website now to discover our range of gorgeous summer scented products; from handmade tea lights to sumptuous beeswax melts, we have everything you’ll need to fill your home with the scents of summer!