Wax Burners

Our range of electric wax warmers & wax burner lamps allow you to fragrance any living space without a flame.

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers

Transform essential oils into a mist to send aromatic scents all around your home

Luxury Reed Diffusers

Add a dash of fresh aromas to your home with our strong, long lasting reed diffusers that will fill your home with continuous fragrance.

Sumptious Scented Tea Lights

From festive scents of mulled wine to the tropical aromas of coconut and pear, there is an array of beautiful hand poured tea lights for any mood.

Forest Wax Warmers

Now Available in Rose Gold

Ocean Wax Warmer

Light up your room with stunning marine colours

Wax Melts

Each one of our wax melt packs has been carefully hand-blended and poured. From Mulled Wine to Chocolate Brownie there’s a fragrance you’ll love.

Scented Candles

Browse our selection of hand-poured scented candles and gift sets.

Popular Hand Crafted Premium Reed Diffusers

Our range of premium quality reed diffusers have been hand blended and poured by our in house perfumer to create stunning fragrances that really stand out to create an aromatic statement in any room.

Popular Wax Melts for Owlchemy Wax Warmers

Fill your rooms with aromas from these top-selling wax melt fragrances. All lovingly hand blended and made from a high-quality beeswax blend for a healthier and more natural way to make your home small great!

Welcome To Owlchemy

The home of stylish wax warmer lamps, wax burners, electric aromatherapy diffusers, reed diffusers and hand-made candles to fill even the largest of spaces with your favourite scents.

If you want your space to smell beautiful you’ve come to the right place. Our unique wax burners and wax warmer lamps melt your wax melts to enhance your home with one of the many Owlchemy fragrances developed and hand-made in the UK by our own perfumer.
The latest range of our electric aromatherapy diffusers work like an advanced reed diffuser using use the latest ultrasonic technology to instantly create plumes of aromatic essential oil vapour which will have your space smelling beautiful in no time.

Our latest aromatherapy diffuser

How to use your Owlchemy wax warmer

About Lily of the Valley Scent

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Spring Is In The Air

Spring scents for candles, electric wax burners and reed diffusers

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Our Essential Oil Blends

We produce a range of essential oil blends to suit various needs.  They can be used with out Electronic Aroma Diffusers and also our electric wax warmers (wax burners).  If you are using a wax burner, then put some water in the bowl and add a few drops of the...

Do Electric Ultrasonic Diffusers really work?

Essential oil diffusers release the fragrance of essential oils into the air over time. The best essential oil diffusers are easy to use, release fragrance continuously, and reduce the risk of injury by minimizing spills. Essential oil diffusers deliver a diluted form...

How to Create Your Own Custom Scented Candles at Home

There’s nothing quite as calming as a flickering scented candle. These aroma therapeutic home accessories are beautiful to look at, and they create a beautiful aroma that fills your home while creating a relaxing vibe. Whether you want to celebrate the holiday season...

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Five Reasons for needing  A Wax Warmer In Your Life

Nowadays there are so many different ways to make your home, office or spa room smell amazing. But is each option equally fantastic? Well it really depends on your personal taste. But electric wax warmers could be what you have been searching for without even...

These wax melts are divine! They fill our house with gorgeous scents and last quite a while too, and even my boyfriend loves them which is very unusual for him to even notice something like this. The wax burner is so cute but also stylish and goes well with any decor really, plus there is so much variety on the website you will easily find one that suits you! I will definitely be putting in lots and lots more orders for more melts!

Roz Blackadder

Brighton, UK

I was bought a wax warmer as a Christmas gift and I loved the scents it came with so much that I recently bought 2 more so that my whole house is filled with lovely smells. I’ve tried just over half of the scents so far and they are gorgeous. I can’t wait to try some more from the range. So much better than anything I’ve ever tried before and everyone who comes to visit asks me where they can get one from!

Emma Louise

Derby, UK

The reed diffusers from Owlchemy are much stronger than anything else I have ever brought. You really notice the fragrance as soon as you enter the room. I have one in my entrance hall and my guests always comment on how nice it smells as they walk in. I would recommend using Owlchemy products as I know they are hand made here in the UK and I like to support British businesses.

Yvette Hathaway

Devon, UK

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