There is a lot which goes into creating the overall mood and feel of an indoor space. Whatever the size of the room, small details can always make a big difference. This goes for commercial spaces in just the same way that it goes for a home. When you are thinking of decorating, you might first turn your thoughts towards all things visual. But the world of fragrance must also be explored if you are to create the perfect vibe. So, while we are spending more time at home – let’s freshen things up inside with our spring home fragrances!

Sense of Smell

Just as a person wearing an attractive fragrance can improve the impression that they make by the scent they wear, a lovely fragrance in a room can make the space far more pleasant and welcoming. Smell is perhaps just as important a sense as sight. This is supported by the fact that it plays such a strong role the recall of memories. It is important to consider that introducing some spring fragrances can be a brilliant way to feel fresher indoors and to help usher in the warmer months.

Get That Spring Feeling

There is a great energy to the spring as a season. It brings with it light, colour, birdsong and a refreshing sense that the darkness of autumn and winter has been and gone. When you have a look around an outdoor space on a spring day, you will see flowers and you will see birds – it is a veritable bounty of life bursting forth. Spring scents therefore are there to capture some of this energy. They will often be floral, and always offer an energising feeling which could be compared to one’s first breath of fresh air on a bright and crisp morning.

Reed Diffusers vs Scented Candles

If you have a smaller area in mind, then some fragrant oils and a diffuser can go a long way. For high traffic spaces such as a hallways (or when things return to normal – waiting rooms, shops and even for showrooms,) they can also be useful as you will not have to be dealing with the risks involved in having an exposed flame. They are also great if you have little ones around as you can leave them to continually fragrance well out of the way of small hands. However, there is something special about candles, and in the evenings they also create a mood through the gentle flicker of their light. Larger scented candles also can be more effective when you dealing with a vast area, as the fragrance tends to travel more widely.

Spring Home Fragrance Favourites

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite spring home fragrances that will help to cheer up your space. Also, bear in mind that changing over your fragrance every so often will help to stop you (and your household) from going nose blind. Then you can experience different aromas and feel more like you have had a change of scenery. Even if it is only a change for your nose!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Although fresh plants can offer one way of bringing the outdoors inside, their fragrance is may not be particularly noticeable. That is why you can boost your indoor fragrances with scented candles or oils. Here at Owlchemy, we have a wide collection of scented candles, aroma diffusers and reed diffusers. Scents such as magnolia, Jasmine or Lily of the Valley will give you precisely the right feel for the time of year. These home fragrances will create the same mood that comes up when you open your windows to a bright and beautiful spring day.