Nowadays there are so many different ways to make your home, office or spa room smell amazing. But is each option equally fantastic? Well it really depends on your personal taste. But electric wax warmers could be what you have been searching for without even realising it! If you have done any research lately then you will know that wax warmers and wax melts have taken the nation by storm. Here are five reasons we love them and think that you will love them too.

1) They are the best of both worlds – They have the aesthetic of a beautiful candle whilst dispersing essential oils into the air like a diffuser. And because they are blended with beeswax, they are fantastic for people with allergies and also provide a longer lasting and stronger scent. 

2) They are safer than candles – It’s very likely that either your work-place and possibly your home do not allow you to burn candles in case they cause a fire. Whilst this is completely understandable, it can be frustrating when all you want is to have a lovely relaxing scent around you. The fab thing about our wax warmers is that you turn them on like a lamp and the wax gently melts in the top of the warmer. There is no flame to worry about, but there is a wonderful light from the warmer and a gorgeous aroma.

3) It’s perfect for mood lighting – Our beautiful wax warmers also incorporate a light on a dimmer, so it can also be used for mood lighting as well as giving you a wonderful scent. They are stunning and really need to be seen to be truly appreciated.

4) There Is No Guess Work As To How Much Fragrance You Need – When you buy our blended beeswax melts you will notice that they either come in easy to separate squares, or in individually created love heart shapes. Either way they are designed to be the perfect amount of fragrance to pop one onto your wax warmer dish. If you want a stronger scent then you can add two, or even mix and match two different scents for your own custom scent!

5) They Come In A Variety Of Designs & Colours – In fact we currently have 9 different styles to choose from and this is continually growing! So no matter what your personal taste is, we think there will be something you will love in our range of warmers. 

We currently have 2 of our electric wax warmers on sale for only £14.99! Have a look on our special offers page to choose your favourite and grab a scentastic bargain!