Winter is almost over and it’s time to freshen up your home for the season ahead. While you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning, brightening or rearranging your home for spring, we’ve got some suggestions to help make freshening up your abode as quick and painless as possible:

A person holding two flowers in both their hands outdoors in a field.

1. Embark on a Spring Clean

While housework tends to be a bit of a slog for most of us, the best place to start when freshening up your home any time of year is with a spot of cleaning. During winter, the likelihood is that you will have neglected certain areas of your home, so why not bite the bullet and treat them to thorough clean now? Spring is the perfect time to not only clean but to also have a good clear out and get rid of any unused items or rubbish that has been cluttering up your home during the colder months. Dust, hoover, scrub and polish and trust us, your home will be glistening in no time and you’ll feel inspired to do even more!

2. Bring the Outdoors In

Spring is a time when the outdoor world suddenly bursts into bloom, with a variety of flora and fauna flourishing in our gardens and the areas that surround our homes. Make the most of the beautiful colours and thriving plant life by bringing some of those gorgeous flowers and foliage into your home, and arranging it together in vases or displays to replicate the change in season and create a wonderfully fresh feel inside your abode! 

3. Open the Windows

There’s nothing like a bit of fresh air to blow away the cobwebs and let the delights in springtime make their way into your home. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night, try and open your windows to let a breeze flow through. As well as helping to keep your home well ventilated, the fresh air will also bring with it all of those lovely spring scents including cut grass, honey suckle and peony, as well as let those warming rays of sunlight in! 

4. Switch Bland for Bright

Perhaps the most colourful season of all, spring is the perfect time to switch those bland winter colours inside your home for some bright and bold shades. As well as adding vibrancy in an instant, small home accessories such as cushions, pictures and vases can also help to brighten a room and can be used to add a quirky yet stylish spin when combined with other, less brash colours. If you’re struggling to decide which shades to go for, take a walk outside and let the flowers and foliage inspire you!

A bed with pink, yellow and blue bedding next to a bedside table with flowers.

5. Fragrance Your Home 

While it can sometimes be difficult to get those really intense spring aromas into your home naturally, a good way to combat this is to create them yourself by using candles, diffusers and wax warmers to fragrance your abode. Here at Owlchemy, as well as offering a selection of luxury scented candles in a beautiful range of springtime scents, our reed diffusers and blended beeswax wax melts are also available in seasonal fragrances such as Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and Magnolia, all of which are perfect for spring. 

Our Lily of the Valley luxury scented candle surrounded by flowers.

How will you be freshening up your home this spring? If you’ve got any other suggestions that we can add to our list, please get in touch on our social media channels to share them as we’d love to hear from you. Otherwise, visit our website today to browse our unique range of springtime scents and find the perfect fragrance for your home this season. 

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