For many, Easter is one of the most enjoyable celebrations of the year for several reasons. Not only are the Easter holidays the perfect time to relish some time with family and friends while tucking into some sumptuous sweet treats, but Easter also presents us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the joy and vibrancy of spring by bringing the outside in and decorating our homes according to the colours and sights of the season. If you’re searching for some inspiration when it comes to home décor ideas this Easter, we’ve got some great suggestions below!

A chocolate Easter bunny alongside some tulips and fresh painted eggs.

Easter Tree

While many of us love to decorate our Christmas trees during the festive season, in the last few years, Easter trees have become quite popular too, so why create your own this spring? Ready-made trees are available to purchase or if you’d like to get creative and make your own, all you need are some branches and twigs from the garden and some superglue to hold it all together! Once you have your Easter tree, decorate it with painted eggs, fluffy cotton wool sheep, flowers and paperchains for a wonderfully seasonal look.

A selection of eggs hanging from an Easter tree.

Egg Baskets

Although many Easter eggs come in pre-packaged boxes, a great and simple way to make them look more enticing as part of the decorations is to place them in baskets with other eggs of different colours and sizes, along with some straw to protect them. Once you have built up your egg display to just how you like it, pop these baskets around your home to add a touch of Easter in every room!

A wooden wicker basket filled with straw and selection of colourful eggs.

Patchwork Bunting

A versatile decoration, bunting can be used to celebrate all occasions, so why not invest in some Easter bunting too? If you’ve got spare material lying around or want to work on a little arts and crafts project, you can make your own by cutting your chosen fabrics into triangles and stitching them on to a long line of ribbon. Alternatively, there’s plenty of gorgeous pre-made bunting ready for you to purchase; head down to your local shops or buy it online.

Some multicoloured patchwork bunting hung in a garden blowing in the wind.

Painted Eggs

If you’ve got little ones coming for Easter, painted eggs are the perfect decoration as you can all enjoy making them together as a family! However, you want to decorate your eggs whether it’s with a fancy patterned design or some simple smiley faces, get creative with your painting and transform some plain eggs into beautiful decorations! However, if you are enjoying egg painting with younger children, we recommend putting plenty of newspaper down and handling the eggs with care to avoid any mess!

A selection of painted eggs placed in a basket lined with floral material.

Fresh Flowers

As we previously mentioned in our how to freshen up your home for spring blog, bringing the outdoors in is one of the best ways to brighten up your home and celebrate spring in all its glory. As well as using eggs, you can also create some gorgeously colourful displays using a selection of fresh flowers from either your garden or your local florist; all you need to do is pop them in vase!

A glass vase filled with cream and pink roses as well as other foliage.

Chocolate-Scented Tea Lights

Whatever the occasion, tea lights are a great decoration and work well to create a warming atmosphere in your home. However, our Choc Chip Cookies Tea Lights or Chocolate Brownie Tea Lights will both produce a sweet aroma that’s perfect for the Easter celebrations, so why not treat yourself to some today?

A pack of our Choc Chip Cookies scented tea lights placed on a woven surface.

To browse our full range of luxury scented candles, tea lights and wax warmers, visit our website now to place your order in time for Easter. Alternatively, get in touch on our social media channels to share your Easter decoration ideas – we’d love to hear all about them!