Red Rose Petal Wax Melts

It’s all about the fragrance throw!  What is that, I hear you say.  Well there are two fragrance throws.  Firstly the cold throw which is the scent given off by wax melts, wax tea lights or wax candles when cold.  Don’t get your nose too close to the scent otherwise your nose may become overwhelmed and become insensitive to it very quickly.  That means that you will no longer smell it.  It is called nose blindness!

Waft the fragrance towards you with your hand and smell what comes.  It is rather like wine tasting.  Not really about tasting the wine, but about appreciating the finer aspects of the wine, such as the scent and the depth.

So what you can smell cold is called the cold throw and should give you a fair idea of what the hot throw will be like.

What on earth is the hot throw, I hear you ask.  Well this is the fragrance given off by the scented wax once either lit or melted, depending on whether you are smelling wax melts, wax candles or tea lights.

You should be a few feet away from the wax and don’t breathe in too deeply as this will dampen the nuances given off by the candle.

You can ask yourself at this point whether the scent is well rounded, whether it needs more depth, more edge or perhaps just more sex appeal.

I find that it takes months to perfect a candle scent and I become nose blind all too easily when smelling different fragrances.  Once nose blind, I won’t be able to use my nose for this purpose again for quite a few hours!

So I would now like to talk about our newest candle scent here, and that is Red Rose Petals.  We have had this scent available in tea lights and wax melts for some time and it has always been a very well rounded, strong scent that is true to its source.  We have now incorporated this scent into a luxury candle in two sizes – 75 g and 150g.  We have also created a reed diffuser, which will last for quite a few months in a room and will continually give off this luxurious scent.

The 150g candles are available for £13.99 post free from our web site at https://owlchemy.co.uk/products/scented-candles/150g-celebration-candle-in-red-rose-petals/

and the 75g candles are available for £9.99 post free  from our web site at https://owlchemy.co.uk/products/scented-candles/75g-celebration-candle-in-red-rose-petals/

and you can find our reed diffusers for £19.99 post free from https://owlchemy.co.uk/products/reed-diffusers/celebration-reed-diffuser-in-red-rose-petals/

Enjoy your red rose petals scent.  We use it for Valentines Day and also for celebrations, much as you would use red roses.