Remember, remember, the fifth of November! Bonfire Night is here again and here at Owlchemy, this colourful and noisy celebration of is one of our annual highlights. For many, as well as remembering the famous gun powder treason and plot, Bonfire Night is also a chance to get together with friends and family and enjoy some magical sites including a roaring bonfire and some gorgeous firework displays. If you’re thinking of throwing your own Bonfire Night party this November, we’ve got some great tips to help you host the perfect bash:

A sparkler going off next to a bonfire to celebrate bonfire night

1. Build a Bonfire

What’s a bonfire night without a bonfire? Whether you have a snug back garden or a huge great field, having a bonfire no matter how big or small will set the atmosphere for your Guy Fawkes bash perfectly and will help keep you and your guests warm throughout the evening.

To build your bonfire, make a circle with bricks, breeze blocks or stones and, if you’re building on grass, it’s best to raise your bonfire to ensure the greenery underneath is not damaged. Then, grab some kindling and pile it up in a tepee shape. Splash on some lighter fluid and light your bonfire, adding logs and paper as it begins to burn.

A bonfire burning oranges embers into the air

2. Make Some Campfire Food

Some delicious campfire food is sure to go down well with your guests, so why not create some warming autumnal classics? While traditional finger food such as sandwiches, sausage rolls and cheese and pineapple sticks are always popular, some more hearty morsels like hot dogs, stew and jacket potatoes will help to warm up your guests through and leave them feeling pleasantly full as they huddle around the fire.

A person serving up beef and vegetable stew with a metal spoon

3. Serve Mulled Cider or Wine

Mulled cider and wine are the ideal winter beverages and will have your guests feeling merry and warm in no time! Serve in small jugs with a variety of citrus fruits or to add a memorable touch to your party, heat up either in a cauldron over your blazing bonfire!

Red wine being poured into a saucepan filled with citrus fruit

4. Toast Marshmallows Over the Fire

For us here at Owlchemy, there’s nothing quite like toasting marshmallows over an open fire on a cold and starry night, so why not treat your guests to this memorable experience? For both adults and children, the excitement of watching these sweet and fluffy morsels melt in the flames is fantastic and is sure to be a hit at your bonfire party. But make sure you have enough marshmallows and sticks to go around!

People toasting marshmallows on sticks over an open fire

5. Bring Out the Sparklers

Sparklers are also a must at any bonfire party; after all, bonfire night is all about gun powder, right? Whether it’s a family affair or a friend only do, sparklers are great fun and are sure to mesmerise your guests as they swing and swirl these fizzing sticks around in the cold night air. However, make sure you have a bucket filled with sand or cold water on hand so that when they go out, you can dispose of them quickly and safely.

A golden sparkler glowing and streaming in the night air

6. Don’t Forget the Fireworks

Finally, a beautiful firework display to dazzle your guests is sure to make your bonfire party a total success and leave them with lasting memories that they can cherish for years to come. Stock up on a selection of fireworks well before your bash to avoid a last-minute rush to the shops or why not ask your guests to bring a firework as their contribution? This way, you’ll have a great selection of bangers to let off without spending a fortune!

Pink, red and purple fireworks exploding in the sky

Will you be using these tips to host your own Bonfire Night party? Let us know by reaching out on our social media channels and sharing your experiences photos with us – we’d love to see your bonfires and fireworks! And don’t forget to wrap up warm, lighting one of our luxury scented candles or wax melt warmers when you return home after all the excitement.