Like everything, wax melt warmers can get a little mucky from time to time, so when you have a moment, it’s best to give them a clean. However, due to being not only a delicate but often hot product, it can be difficult to know what methods to use to best clean your warmer. Here at Owlchemy, we’re experts on all things wax, so check out our guide to cleaning your wax melt warmer below:

Our Rose Gold Sunburst Electric Wax Melt Warmer

How to Clean Liquid Wax

If your wax melt warmer has been on for some time, the wax will have turned to liquid, so will be much easier to soak up than if it was solid. However, before you start absorbing your wax, let your warmer cool down for a few minutes as the wax and bowl will both still be hot and you could burn yourself.

Once the wax has slightly cooled, use cotton wool balls or a paper towel to soak it up. If you have opted for the former, you can leave the balls in the dish as they will gradually absorb most of the liquid themselves. Alternatively, if you’re using a paper towel, it’s best to gently blot the dish by hand. Once all of the wax has been soaked up, you can then wipe the bottom of the dish until it is clean and shiny.

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How to Clean Hard Wax

Cleaning hard wax can be an absolute nightmare, so we recommend switching your warmer on for a few minutes before attempting to clean it to soften the wax slightly. Once your wax appears a little less rigid, you should be able to prize it off in one solid piece. However, if you’re having trouble, a scraper will help to loosen the wax whilst ensuring you don’t burn your fingers on the hot dish below!

After you’ve removed the wax, wipe down the dish using a paper towel to scoop up any leftover crumbs and give your warmer dish that extra shine.

Our White Forest Wax Melt Warmer

How Regularly Should You Clean Your Warmer?

How regularly you clean your wax melt warmer is really up to you but if you can, we recommend doing so every time you change your wax to make sure no residue from previous scents is left over. This way, not only will you get to enjoy the full fragrance of individual scents rather than an odd combination of two but your dish should also last that little bit longer as it will have been properly looked after.

Here at Owlchemy, we have an extensive range of unique wax melt warmers that are perfect for every occasion as well as a stunning selection of handmade beeswax melts, luxury scented candles and much more. Visit our website today to browse our exclusive ranges or if you’re already an Owlchemy lover, leave us a review – we’d love to hear from you!