About a month ago we found that our new owlchemy Instagram page was being followed by a lovely girl who loves candles and takes beautiful photos of beautiful things. So we chatted with her for a while and sent her one our favorite candles – the red rose love heart tin.

Of course we were a little nervous of what she would think as she is a big fan of Yankee candles so we certainly had a lot to live up to! But thankfully she loved the candle and even said it was better than “true rose” from Yankee. So we really are over joyed to hear it! If you are on Instagram then please do follow us for updates on Wols adventure, videos of us making our candles and much more!

But before you do that, have a quick read at what Cara wrote about us :

This candle is called  ‘red rose petals’ and it smells amazing,  The candle smells incredibly strong and the room fills up with the scent very fast!  It comes in a cute heart shaped container which makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.  In my opinion it’s even better than ‘true rose’ from Yankee, which actually really surprised me.  Their shop is quite new and the candles are HANDMADE in their own kitchen! Isn’t that adorable?!  They even have videos on their instagram account (@owlchemy_uk) where they show you guys how the candles are made. You can shop for this candle and several other ones on thier site – www.owlchemy.co.uk – @sugarpwn