From creating the perfect atmosphere to helping us remember loved ones, candle light provides many benefits that are good for our minds and bodies. While traditionally used purely as a light source, today, these glowing objects have a variety of uses, some being truly advantageous. Below, we share just six benefits of candle light and how it can enhance your home, health and lifestyle:

Little red, orange and yellow candles floating on a river


Whether you want to celebrate a birthday or wind down and relax of an evening, candle light is the perfect way to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in your home. No matter what the occasion, there’s always something magical about a flickering flame, so lighting a selection of candles will certainly contribute to making your abode a calming and serene place where happiness, peacefulness and relaxation come easily.

Two red candles and a green candle lit to celebrate someone’s birthday


Luxury scented candles are the perfect way of creating a subtle yet enticing aroma that is sure to fill your space with the most delightful of scents and give your home a signature fragrance. Here at Owlchemy, we have an extensive range of both candles and blended beeswax melts in a variety of scents, meaning whether you prefer a sweet smell or herbal aroma, we’re sure to have the perfect scent for you! Simply light your candle or wax warmer and soak up those wonderful scents.

Our Morning Glory Wax Warmer lit on a wooden dressing table next to some perfume


Candle light is incredibly good for your health and can work wonders for those experiencing problems both physically and mentally. Known for their soothing and healing properties, candles can help you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle by acting as the catalyst for relaxation, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy a little self-care. Those feeling anxious, depressed or stressed could benefit hugely from lighting a candle and taking a moment to become aware of their feelings, letting them wash over them with the help of a glowing light.

A person holding a small lit tealight in their hand and watching it glow


What’s more romantic than a dancing flame? For many centuries, candle light has played an integral part in the art of romance and continues to be one of the most popular ways to transform an ordinary environment into a dreamy and carefree atmosphere. Treat your loved one to a candle lit dinner, a sensual soak in the tub or a cosy night in the bedroom in an instant with our beautifully scented celebration candle in red rose petals.

A couple enjoying a date by candle light in a restaurant


Candles make a super stylish addition to any home and can instantly transform a dark and dingy room into a cosy and inviting space. Due to the fact that candles come in all different shapes, sizes and smells, they are one of the most versatile accessories to have in your home, so we recommend stocking up! Place them throughout the different areas in your house to give each one a warming glow.

Two of our heart-shaped candles placed next to a vase of flowers


Candle light is strongly associated with memory and as such, is a fantastic way to remember the special people in our lives. Our sense of smell is also linked to memory, so lighting a candle is the perfect way to travel back and remember a particular moment and memory of a loved one. Here at Owlchemy, we love hearing about our customers memories and how our unique scents played a powerful role in evoking them, so why not get in touch today on our social media channels to share yours with us?

Two people holding candles and huddling together to remember someone